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The VFW has several programs to help veterans & active duty in need.  Qualifications for each program vary so be sure to read the content carefully.


Texas VFW maintains a network of volunteer Veterans Service Officers within the state of Texas that can assist and educate veterans about federal benefits earned through military service.

Texas VFW has a network of volunteer service officers at every VFW Post.  These volunteers can assist a veteran as a go to person for information on  resources available to the veteran. Texas VFW contracts with the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) for VFW Accredited VA Claims Benefits Advisors. TVC VA Claims Benefits Advisors are full time professionals that directly assist the veteran with claims for assistance and serve as the veterans advocate in all dealings with the Veterans Administration.  They are provided at no cost to the veteran.


Texas VFW Representative at VA Regional Center in Waco, Texas and can be reached at (254) 299-9954. 

Texas VFW Representative at VA Regional Center in Houston, Texas and can be reached at  (713) 383-2750.

VFW and Auxiliary Member Disaster Assistance

This program is for members who have been affected by a man-made or natural disaster and are members in good standing at the time of the incident. 

Unmet Needs

Texas VFW Foundation provides Emergency Financial Assistance for current and recently discharged Military members and their families.

Texas VFW Unmet Needs helps service members and those recently discharged within three years who face unexpected financial difficulties due to military service.
Up to $2,500.00 is available in assistance grants to offset unexpected expenses specifically related to military service that is due to no fault of the service member.
Funds from donations are available to the five branches of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard), as well as members of the Reserves and National Guard.


Funds awarded by the program are offered in the form of grants--not loans--so recipients don’t need to repay them.
Funds that are awarded are not paid directly to the applicant, instead, they are paid to the applicants’ creditors. An applicant can be awarded Wal-Mart gift cards for use in purchasing food and/or clothing if approved.

Warrior Down Fund

Texas residents that are currently serving in the Armed Forces in any capacity or are a veteran with honorable service who have served in any foreign war, insurrection, or expedition which service is recognized by the award of a campaign medal of the United States, or who served in Korea for either 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days or who earned Hostile Fire pay or Imminent Danger pay. 

Operation Uplink

Operation Uplink is a unique program that keeps military personnel and hospitalized veterans in touch with their families and loved ones by providing them with a free phone card. Using contributions from supporters like you, Operation Uplink purchases phone cards and distributes them to servicemen and women who are separated from those they care about.

Launched in 1996 to connect active-duty troops and hospitalized veterans with their loved ones. The program uses contributions from supporters to purchase phone time for the men and women who are serving -- or have served -- this great nation including those hospitalized in military and Veterans Administration facilities. 

In 2006, VFW began hosting “Free Call Days.” Now, every month of the year, troops can call home–at no charge—from Internet cafes throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Traditional phone cards are still being provided at military hospitals and VA facilities, as well as to troops in regions not served by the “Free Call Days.”